Annie’s Centre offers a suite of allied health services exclusively for the health, educational and developmental needs of children and their families.

Value Statement

We are a team of highly skilled health professionals. We pride ourselves in providing the highest standard of excellence and thoroughness. We are dedicated to supporting the diverse and unique needs of children and their families. We seek to empower families to overcome mental health or child development difficulties. We strive to offer quality consultation and to work collaboratively with all people involved in caring for children: parents, carers, teachers and health professionals. We are committed to offering accurate, credible and effective:

assessment, diagnosis, early intervention and treatment services
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Our value statement highlights our total commitment to 5 key areas:

  1. Excellence in service delivery
  2. Wide experience and strong clinical skills
  3. Building confidence and resilience in families
  4. Working collaboratively with families and other professionals
  5. Evidence based practice