Customer Testimonials

Parents of a 3 year old boy

“Our son has been accessing (the early intervention) services at Annie’s Centre for the last 7 months and without a doubt, it has been the best decision we have made. With the fantastic help of Leah and Gavin, we have our happy little boy back. Every day we see new and positive improvements in our son’s behaviour, and without the help of Leah and Gavin we wouldn’t be achieving these goals. We can’t thank them enough.”

Mother of a 31/2 year old boy

“Anne diagnosed my son and we used their speech and OT services… Her assessment was extremely detailed and very accurate. Needless to say we will be going back to her for another assessment towards the end of the year. The concern that she showed us as parents was comforting and we felt that we sought the best help for us as a family at the time.”

Mother of a 3 year old boy

“For the past 5 months my son has participated in ABA sessions and Speech Therapy at Annie’s Centre. As a parent, I’ve been rather pleased with his progress and especially pleased with the ongoing communication between the two therapists about his strengths and the areas for improvement. With continued communication I feel he will achieve many of his short term goals rather quickly, allowing him to move further along the assigned programme. On this note, I’d like to say thank you in anticipation for future sessions at the centre.”

Mother of 5 years and 11 months boy and girl (twins)

“Anne Chalfant would make a fantastic speaker at the Autism Expo. I’ve had two meetings with Anne regarding some long standing sleep issues. Anne looked at every detail and quickly got to the core of our “dilemma”. I’m hoping to return soon to talk about tackling anxiety. We will be looking at a version of her CBT programs (originally developed for children with high functioning autism) modified to meet my son’s communication needs. What has been said about the concern that Anne and her staff shows parents was actually quite “striking” to me. I felt like I’d crossed a line into another world!”

Father of a 6 year old boy

“Annie’s Centre has been valuable in providing a plan and guidance together with multiple therapies. They provide a range of services tailored to meet whatever is required. We have utilised Speech Therapy, ABA Therapy, Directed Social Play Group sessions with other children his age and Junior Therapist sessions at home to compliment the Senior Therapy sessions. One of the advantages of Annie’s Centre is that all their therapists operate together on a coordinated plan no matter what respective services they provide so that no matter the therapist they are always complimenting the individual development plan. They are knowledgeable, skilful, flexible and accommodating in their approach. They have provided us with great assistance over the past twelve months and have certainly played a significant part in the development of our son…their approach was very personable, direct where required, together with the coordinated programme that measured in an almost scientific approach the success or otherwise of the plan. This provides accurate feedback of where you were and where you are on the development path and allows for modification to the plan along the way. We are happy with our choice of Annie’s Centre and would recommend them to any family needing assistance with their child.”

Mother of a 91/2 year old boy (Year 3)

“My son has struggled with significant learning difficulties since Prep. By the time he reached Year 3 he still could not read or write his own name. Although he was having regular therapy sessions to help with his learning difficulties, the progress was very slow. Often those working with him became frustrated. Over time he lost confidence and developed effective avoidance strategies that further hampered his ability to learn. A friend recommended ‘MultiLit’. Her son had great results with the program in a relatively short time. I decided to give it a go at Annie’s Centre. Working with Annie’s Centre’s patient and professional staff we started the program. Within a few weeks my son had picked up sight words that would’ve previously taken months to learn. Each week he went up another level of fluency. He is also able to write and work more independently in class. His avoidance strategies have lessened greatly and he is more confident and happy to learn particularly at school. I highly recommend it!”

Mother of 8 year old boy (Year 2)

“I am writing to thank you for all the hard work that Leah and your team has done during the year with my son and the MultiLit program. My son has struggled with reading which affected his confidence and overall school performance. The MultiLit program and especially Leah have transformed a reluctant reader who struggled with sight words, phonics and fluency into a confident and happy reader. The program helped him establish a solid foundation of reading and spelling. Every week we saw an improvement in his reading abilities and an increasing growth in his confidence. Leah was fantastic in engaging my son and made all the sessions fun and rewarding. Thank you so much for all the hard work.”