Course Participation Consent

Consent Form

Much preparation has gone into preparing the training resources. To that end, I would like to be upfront regarding expectations around use of the course content and related materials. It is important to take strong steps to ensure confidentiality is maintained along with respect for intellectual property.

Please read and this document then indicate your understanding of and your agreement with the below conditions for course participation. Training will not proceed for you without your consent here to these conditions:

1. I understand that as a part of the ADOS-2 and/or ADI-R online workshop, I will watch a set of video-recorded assessments originally prepared by Dr Anne Chalfant, Annie’s Centre Pty Ltd. In the case of the ADI-R online training I will also be sent a set of video-recorded assessments originally prepared by researchers at the University of Chicago, Department of Psychiatry, at the University of Michigan Autism and Communication Disorders Centre. I understand that all video recordings need to be treated with the same confidentiality as patients’ case notes and I undertake to fulfill all of the ethical requirements that have been specified for use. Specifically, I understand and agree that:

a. I will NOT record or copy any of the video material in whole or in part.

b. I will return all the videos if requested by the course organiser.

c. I will keep videos in conditions of strict security.

d. I will NOT show footage from the videos in any training, peer supervision or teaching situation.

2. I understand that during the online training I am the only person permitted to watch and participate in the training. To that end, I agree to keep my camera on for training except when instructed otherwise by the course organiser.

3. I understand that the materials presented are the intellectual property of Dr Anne Chalfant, Annie’s Centre and I will not copy or distribute these to others.

4. I will NOT record Dr Chalfant during the training presentations or related large or small group discussions.

5. I will NOT attempt to re-produce any of the training material and use it with others as if it were my own.

6. I respect Dr Chalfant’s right to maintain intellectual property and copyright over material she has prepared and to report breaches of the above to the relevant legal and professional bodies.

This copy of the consent form is a copy of the terms and conditions accepted at the time of your application for the course.