Behaviour Management in Classrooms

Governments have recognised that teachers need more support and training to manage challenging behaviour in classrooms.  I speak with Micaela Rafferty and Jill Hellemans from MultiLit about their training workshops for teachers, principals and other educators.  The workshops give teachers the skills to manage difficult behaviour in classrooms and create positive teaching and learning. Mutilit …

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Anxiety in Young Children

Anxiety is a growing problem for little ones. We discuss how anxiety can present in young children, what parents can do to help and our children’s book, “Wally the Worried Wallaby in Dog-Gone Trouble”, which is designed to help parents reduce anxiety in their young child.

Go Deeper

When we notice a negative change in our child’s behaviour we are often looking for a quick fix. But that doesn’t always address what might be the underlying cause and we could miss something important. Sometimes all it takes is a little extra time spent talking with your child or teenager and figuring out together …

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Don’t Poke the Bear

We’ve all been there…child disobeys a rule or instruction then, out of frustration, we start to poke the bear. We comment on other things that day they have also done to frustrate us or we start a lecture about how the misbehaviour seems to reflect a bigger problem. Here’s some tips on how to keep …

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Practice Makes Perfect

Sometimes we expect our kids to “get it” after we’ve taught them a skill once. But learning is more successful and longer lasting when we create multiple opportunities to practice something new. I’m sharing some practical ideas to help you.

Selecting a Treatment Intervention Program

Which treatment, intervention or program is the best for my child/teen’s needs? There are thousands of different treatment options out there to assist kids and teens with learning, behaviour, developmental or emotional difficulties? How do you choose what is best for your child’s needs? Here’s an easy checklist to help you make the best decision.