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Annie’s Centre is transforming into a digital health service in 2019. We relaunch in October. Why?
Health industry structures across the world have grown so large that they are nearly impossible for the average person to navigate. Unnecessary barriers have been put between the patient and the health professional.
This is why so many people are turning to health care solutions that are both less rigorous in evidence based care and in structure. Who can blame them when they want to see their child stop suffering?
Instead of blaming government, administrators, politicians, voters etc., Annie’s Centre has instead decided create the change.
Digital health does not just mean we can play the same game on a different field. It means we can create a new game on an entirely different field away from the old structures and rules. The aim, our target, remains the same, “Services exclusively for the health, educational and developmental needs of children and their families.”
You’ve always been our primary concern and motivation. You always will be.
Dr. Anne Chalfant