Go Deeper

When we notice a negative change in our child’s behaviour we are often looking for a quick fix. But that doesn’t always address what might be the underlying cause and we could miss something important. Sometimes all it takes is a little extra time spent talking with your child or teenager and figuring out together […]

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Don’t Poke the Bear

We’ve all been there…child disobeys a rule or instruction then, out of frustration, we start to poke the bear. We comment on other things that day they have also done to frustrate us or we start a lecture about how the misbehaviour seems to reflect a bigger problem. Here’s some tips on how to keep

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Practice Makes Perfect

Sometimes we expect our kids to “get it” after we’ve taught them a skill once. But learning is more successful and longer lasting when we create multiple opportunities to practice something new. I’m sharing some practical ideas to help you.

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