Why choose a Psychologist?

When you catch a virus, you usually go and see your General Practitioner, get some antibiotics and a couple of days later you generally start to feel better. It’s a process that most of us are familiar with. We find it straightforward.
But when it comes to tackling your child’s difficulties, whether they are behavioural, emotional, speech related or disability specific, the pathway is not so straightforward and it is often quite overwhelming. So then why, out of all the various therapists and intervention models available to you, should you choose a Psychologist? Here’s a few reasons.

  1. Comprehensive and Collaborative Approach to Intervention

Psychologists prioritise the importance of taking time to get to know you, your family and most importantly your child. Research exploring the specific factors that enhance developmental outcomes in early intervention, informs us that children learn best from those individuals whom they know well, trust and enjoy spending time with.
Psychologists believe in collaboration with other therapists (e.g., Speech Therapists, Senior Behaviour Therapists) to provide a holistic approach to your child’s support. Furthermore, Child Psychologists believe that parents play a key role in the success of their child’s intervention. Therefore, Psychologists aim to work as a team with parents.
Psychologists believe that any skills your child learns in sessions need to extend across all the environments where the child functions e.g., pre-school, school and at home (your child’s natural environment). It is all very well to be able to assist your child in the clinic but if they are unable to translate the skills they learn to a natural environment, then that is problematic. The Psychologists at Annie’s Centre establish programs for your child to be implemented across multiple environments in order to ensure more better treatment results.

  1. Evidence Based Practice and Psychometric Assessments

Psychologists insist on the use of therapies, interventions and assessments that are grounded in solid scientific research. This means that Psychologists are constantly engaging in further education in order to keep up to date with the latest research and evidence.
Building a holistic and well informed picture of you, your family and your child requires a comprehensive assessment process. Registered Psychologists specialise in the administration and interpretation of psychological assessments, more formally known as psychometric assessments. These assessments include, but are not limited to Intelligence testing, learning and memory assessments, developmental assessments and diagnostic tools (e.g. Autism specific diagnostic assessments), The use and application of psychometric testing, not only develops a holistic, well informed picture of your child but also tailors your child’s intervention plan to meet their specific needs.
Why choose Annie’s Centre?
At Annie’s Centre, we offer a team of six Clinical, Neuropsychology and Generalist Psychologists to deliver evidence based interventions that are tailored to the individual needs of your child.
Our Psychologists understand the importance of getting to know you, your child and your unique journey. We work alongside you, aiming to achieve consistency and build your capacity and confidence in supporting and enhancing your child’s learning and development.
Our Psychologists are continually keeping up to date with the latest child development research through regular supervision and training. Our team of Psychologists are also trained in a range of learning and development assessments, including the standardised Autism Diagnostic assessments. Lastly, our team of Psychologists work closely with the centre’s Senior Behaviour Therapists and Speech Pathologists to deliver a holistic approach to intervention.
Please coantact us to make an appointment to meet and discuss your child’s needs with one of our six experienced Psychologists.